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Our visionary approach to the business is moulded by our extensive knowledge and experience in financial and software services fields. Not only do we produce solutions for today, but we embrace a proactive approach in developing solutions for the future.

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Within our approach for developing timely solutions to the Microfinance market, Mycomax® found the need for web-based, affordable loan management software. With the continued and fast-paced development of the Internet we considered the future of the way we do business, and this is where MAXMONEY® was conceptualised.

MAXMONEY is a simple, accessible and intelligible, 100% Browser-based Loan Application Program that will not only change the way you do business; it will change your life!


When we look at our landscape today, there are various factors that influenced our decisions:

  • Control in the business is more complex.
  • Income is under pressure.
  • Expenses can escalate due to software and hardware requirements.
  • Cost of Compliance is becoming more difficult and costly.
  • Financial reporting is crucial.
  • These elements all accumulate to tie you into an ‘Operational Tangle’ when your time is better spent on crucial business strategies.
MAXMONEY The future

The Conceptualisation of MAXMONEY was based on our core philosophies:

  • We wanted to embrace the GLOBAL IT TREND towards Web-based solutions.
  • We believe in a Single-Entry SOLUTION strategy.
  • We sought to provide a Centralised Solution that is both Safe and Simple.
  • Reduce Dependency on Proprietary Brands.
  • Manage ‘Total-Cost-of-Ownership’ down.
  • Expand Connectivity options.


Achieve economies of scale:

You will increase productivity with fewer people and your cost per loan will plummet.

Reduce spending on technology infrastructure:

Maintain easy access to your information with minimal upfront spending. Your use is based on demand.


Mobilise your business:

You will have access to your application from anywhere in the world, provided there is an Internet connection.

 Streamline processes:

Improve the efficiency of the processes in your business by simplifying and eliminating unnecessary steps, thereby increasing your productivity.

Reduce capital costs:

There’s no need to spend big money on hardware, software or 3rd party licensing fees.

MAXMONEY is a web-based, affordable loan management software.

Improved accessibility:

You have access anytime, anywhere, making your life so much easier!

 Monitor projects more effectively:

No more traveling to your branches to keep your finger on the pulse. You have a bird’s eye view of your business; wherever you are.

 Less personnel training is needed:

It takes fewer people to do more work, with minimal learning needed to use our uncomplicated system.

 Complete third-party independence:

There are no prescribed platforms whether you use Microsoft, Linux or Apple.

Thus, a reduction in your ‘Total Cost-of-Ownership’. (TCoO) Ownership’ down.

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