In the Micro-finance Arena, long term sustainability requires you to keep the cost of capital and overheads as low as possible, to manage unlawful behavior and to promote savings. Sustainability is also about staying involved, and through innovation and constant product development, our solutions are testimony to our on-going commitment to offering a wide variety of options to save costs and to simplify the way people do business. In any country, the Micro-finance Industry is an effective method for the alleviation of poverty to more disadvantaged communities and groups. Services delivered by the Micro Financier, must have a positive impact on shortages and these positive changes must be sustained over a longer period to enable families to emerge from their state of insufficiency and to sustain the future of the Micro-finance Industry.


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MAXMONEY is a simple, accessible and intelligible, 100% Browser-based Loan Application Program that will not only change the way you do business; it will change your life!

When we look at our landscape today, there are various factors that influence our decisions:

  • Control in the business is more complex.
  • Income is under pressure.
  • Expenses can escalate due to software and hardware requirements.
  • Cost of Compliance is becoming more difficult and costly.
  • Financial reporting is crucial.

These elements all accumulate to tie you into an “Operational Tangle” when your time is better spent on crucial business strategies.


Charl De Villiers
Ambitious, Passionate, Adaptable
Lydia Badenhorst
Practical, Rational, Reliable
Lourens Boshoff
Resourceful, Witty, Inventive
Diligent, Sensible, Sincere
Vanessa van Heerden
Persistent, Determined, Organised

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